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Scuba Diving in Samal Island

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque coast of Davao Gulf is the Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) which is one of the most sought-after scuba diving destinations in Mindanao. It lies around 900 metres east of Davao’s metropolitan proper. It has two primary featured Islands namely Samal Island and Talikud Island.

Why Dive In Samal?

Just when you thought Samal’s leisure activities are only limited to island-hopping and swimming activities then, you got it all wrong. Samal’s water sports has long ventured into the scuba diving scene which aims to showcase Samal’s indescribable, underwater sanctuary and biodiversity which is by far also somehow at par with the other well-advertised diving sites in the Philippines. So, if it has been your heart’s longing to see the sights of the sea haven at the cheapest price, then Samal is the ideal spot for you to spend a worthwhile underwater adventure.

Where to Dive?

One of the most exceptionally-admirable diving destinations in Samal can be seen in Talikud Island which is positioned in the south-west shores of Samal. Talikud’s marine life is endowed with remarkable, colourful hues of corals, packed with a myriad of sea creatures such as seahorses, starfishes, jelly fish, nemos, and a whole lot more that are without a doubt great for novice divers and macro photographer aspirants.

Is it safe?

For those who are first-time divers, you need not to fear about your safety since dive shops along Samal and Davao City all follow strict preventative measure before, during and after the dive. The dive shops offer top-notch training and diving gears which are all in line with the governing regulations of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors ans Scuba Diving International. Rest assured, when you engage in Samal’s breathtaking scuba diving journey you don’t go there empty-handed. Trainings are conducted beforehand to ensure that you know how to deal with all the danger that may arise once you get to the bottom of the sea. Plus, you will be accompanied the whole time by a professional licensed diver. All you have to do is enjoy the view, glide along and breathe properly. Aside from that you get the chance to also meet new friends since you actually dive in groups. So you are not just secured; you are also bound for a one hell of a beautiful ride that would forever be unforgettable the moment you choose to dive in Samal Island.


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