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Vanishing Island in Samal

Strange as it sounds for most people who hear about this, this island got its name not because of some legend or folklore, but because it truly does vanish. During the low tide, you would be able to see a ...

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Sabang Cliff Diving in Kaputian

Take a leap of faith. This is literally what you are going to do when you take that jump in Sabang cliff jumping in Samal Island. Sabang(the Grotto) is situated somewhere near the center of Katipuan. It has been getting ...

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Japanese Cave House

For those who are enthusiasts of the Philippine history especially that of the Japanese era, visiting and exploring the Japanese Cave House would somehow take you to Samal’s past. Once you access the cave you will have a glimpse of ...

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Puting Bato: The Highest Peak in Samal Island

Regarded as an abode to countless climbing adventures of several mountain-climbing aficionados and even to that of first-time trekkers, Mount Puting Bato has been dubbed as one of the famous tourist spots to explore in Island Garden City of Samal. ...

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