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Japanese Cave House

For those who are enthusiasts of the Philippine history especially that of the Japanese era, visiting and exploring the Japanese Cave House would somehow take you to Samal’s past. Once you access the cave you will have a glimpse of the safe-house of Japanese soldiers way back in World War 2. Within the cave you can see a lot of old artefacts that were left by the soldiers ranging from letters, to disks to handwritten markers, you can find all these creatively placed all over the area. Just bear with the place though since it already lacks maintenance.


  • The Japanese Cave House lies around 2 kilometres near the Monfort Bat Cave location, specifically in Camudmud. From the Babak Port, you can just ride the single motorcycle to take you to the Japanese Cave House area or if you brought your own car, you may just follow the highway road to Camudmud from the port.



  • Entrance
    • Adult – Php 40.00


  • Cave House

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