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Moncado “White House” Village- A brief History

In the early days, especially after World War II, Samal was known as the island of the Moncadista. The followers of Moncado were particularly noted for eating only raw and uncooked food, no fish and no meat. At that time, many of the adult male members sported long hairs and flowing beards.

From time to time, some old timers would ask: “Whatever happened to that peculiar group?” The Moncadistas are still in Samal. The information for this article comes from brief interviews with Mr. Jesus Acedillo, Spiritual Director of the group, Mrs. Josefina Merida, Board Member and Treasurer, a few other members, and from the internet.

As of latest count, there are around 2,000 members still residing in Samal. Other members, numbering around 3,000 are scattered in different places. It is estimated that there are perhaps 20,000 more followers of Moncado in the Philippines but are not affiliated with the Moncado colony in Samal.

Moncaod white house (3)

Hilario Camino Moncado (1898-1956) was the founder and supreme commander-in-chief of the Filipino Crusaders World Army (FCWA). At the age of nine he graduated with honors from the College of Mystery and Psychics in Calcutta, India. Multi-talented, he was an author, pianist, publisher, an avid golfer, a member of the 1934 Constitutional Convention, and even ran for President in the 1946 elections against Manuel Roxas and Sergio Osmeña.

In 1956, Hilario Camino Moncado passed away at a relatively, young age. However, during his lifetime he had touched the lives of many Filipinos and Filipino-Americans. To his followers, he was a prophet with the power to heal. He was their teacher and the source of their spiritual strength.

In the late 1930’s, Moncado and his leaders, after a long search, decided to build a Moncado colony in the Island of Samal. The island was peaceful and beautiful. It was going to be a new paradise.

The group however did not grow in number. It was beset by a number of false claims of supposed followers of Moncado. Today, the FCWA does not proselytize although they have accepted a few applicants. Their policy is to have “soul winners” (members with deepened faith), not “numbers winners.”

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The national organization of the FCWA is based in Samal. It is headed by Acting President, Mateo Gacotano; Vice President-Perseverando Dalumpines and Board Members Josefina Merida (Treasurer), Decierdo Sosas (Secretary), Julita Antiquesa, Lozaro Alcoriza, and Nocarte Apique. The position of president is perennially assigned to Hilario Camino Moncado, also known as the General.

As an organization, FCWA has twelve divisions, namely, Membership, Organization, Commercial, Finance, Legal, Welfare, Musical, Labor, Women, Publication, Youth and Religious Education.

Among the most notable activities of the group are the cooperatives and the transport project. More than 50 individuals have been helped in acquiring their own passenger multicabs.

Members are not wanting in land properties. They own two big properties in barangay Limao. Camp 23 is a 23-hectare area used as residential lots of the members. Camp 19 is a 19-hectare property where the big old white house, where Hilario Moncado used to stay, is located. It will be renovated for meetings, conferences and as a tourism heritage center. The rest of the 19 hectares will be used for agriculture development.

Many members still eat raw food but cooked food is now allowed for some but no fish and no meat. Strict observance of the vegetarian diet has to be followed.

Long hairs and long beards, originally thought to “shadow” the face of God, is not anymore in vogue. The new emphasis is to imitate God, not physically, but internally.

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Which brings us to the most active division of the FCWA- the Religious Education Division. There are two religious groupings officially affiliated with FCWA. The first is the Moncadian Church of the Philippines Inc. (MCPI). The other group is known as the Equi-filibricum World Religion.

The members are regular church-goers, on Saturdays. They study the Bible also regularly with the guidance of the Spiritual Directors. Moncado is still their leader and master. But they strongly believe in God and in Jesus Christ who points to the right direction. For them, the true meaning of the Bible is peace. Peace is the work of God, and the followers must be strong believers and practitioners of peace.

Yes, the Moncadistas are still in Samal. Still a small group but very close-knit, peace-loving and law-abiding with their own brand of culture and religious practices.


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    • @ Moshdan

      1. The root of the teachings of Moncado is God. All of his spiritual teachings are based on the Bible. Other followers have twisted Moncado’s teachings and made it their own. As for healing, Moncado had the gift to heal others, knowing from herbs, plant roots, and other gifts God has bestowed for healing.

      2. Moncado learned that many foods caused illnesses, especially when and if not prepared properly. The best types of foods were fresh from the fields. This included; raw corn, peas, green beans, stringed beans, tomatoes, peanuts, coconut, eggplant, papaya, avocado, apples, oranges, (all fruits), and green vegetables. The herbs for healing consisted of rooted plants.

      3. People become who they will, and that included calling a person a prophet of Moncado. But that was almost never the case. Moncado taught from the teachings of the Bible. The older generation called him a prophet of God. The newer are the ones who called others prophet of Moncado. That’s wrong and incorrect. They shouldn’t be doing that.

      My mother was a member of the Moncado Foundation here in Honolulu. Hilario & his wife, resided in Kalihi valley where I was born and raised. I know and met his children. I know his grandchildren, and I am friends with his great grandchildren. His granddaughter, Odette Moncado currently runs the Moncado foundation in Kalihi Valley. If you have more questions, please ask.

      • thanks for the email. what has been practically happening in the world is mostly based on people emotions not logic. moncado was a rich person with a good heart and a knowlagable person with helping hand. however does not make him prophit etc. god the creator created the world for us human to enjoy, use, consume, and use as a medication. for example the caw the plant eating animal, goats and sheeps are in the same cathogory which we can use their milk, and yogurt from the milk, cheese from the milk, butter and cream from their milk and their meat. Philippines is a very tiny country in the world with minimal sources of food chain based on the weather etc. not everyone has access to coconut. you can’t make a faith out of another faith which some based on their emotions not logic call him god or else and forget the true creator with his prophit jesus based on my anology and god or son of god based on your anology which I can debate with you about that too but because you are ignorant about other faiths so it will be waste of time to have a logical conversation with you and you alike with all the respect. we can eat caw, sheep, goat etc., when fresh in cluding fish and chicken and plants, vegatables and more fresh instead of just limiting ourselves with plants or vegies but that doesn’t include pig which Christians eat all over the world that is the most discusting animal based on its life style living in dirt, eating dirt as well as its own bowl yet Christians eat. things don’t ad up. other christions eat and you don’t yet obeying the same faith with new very small tiny branch made in the name of moncado. nothing really ads up. nothing make sense in practicality.

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    • hi my good one sided friend. instead od say why don’t you believe in jesus or saviour it will be really good for you to acknowledge yourself about other faiths then we can have some fair conversation otherwise you just can’t inject your ideology into someone directly and by force and expect them to accept your words blindly. I wish you and like you had more knowledge about other faiths my seemingly good brother or sister then we could’ve had esome fruitful time and discussion but I strongly doubt. regardless I do believe in god the creator of the universe our world and beyond very strongly and do believe jesus Christ is his prophit at the time till ever who was born through god’s spirit but as a human and human flesh with human needs and living therefore can not be call ed god or even son of a god(unless in a symbolic form). the only god the creator does not have a son, wife, brother, father or sister etc., with no human quality, life style or anything else like any creature in our world or beyond and nothing can stick to god but everything depends on god who is the merciful endless powerful creator of everything including us. our minds can’t even begin digesting and understanding of the first step of the introduction about god never mind second step. we can by different means based on his true promised words from truly untouched sources not overly and overly written books by people like you and me with some knowledge and interpret them differently based on our own very limited understanding of god into something totally far from god’s real words, direction and goals expecting others accept, understand or get closer to god, but by some unique some clear and some not so clear ways of actions, attitude, behaviour, prayers, helping others etc., getting closer to the only and only god who created the whole universe with everything in it.

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