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Tagbaobo Falls (Also known as the Mangongawong falls)

Also known as the Mangongawong falls; Tagbaobo falls is a good spot to include in your itinerary whenever you visit Samal Island.

Getting to Tagbaobo falls is an adventure as well, some can ride horses to it but you can also go on foot. The road to it is quite uneven and slippery but that just adds to the thrill and adventure. It may not be as developed and urbanized as many of the tourist attractions in the area BUT at least you can be assured that when you do get to the falls, it’s all yours. You get to have the falls all to yourself. But don’t worry; there still is a spot near the falls where you can rest comfortably. There are bench tables with chairs nearby if you just want to sit down and relax.

Because of the number of balete trees in the area and the mist that surrounds the falls, it kind of gives off this mystical and enchanted vibe, like this is a place where fairies would stay.

Most people think that at first glance the water is unclean but actually, the water doesn’t stop its ripples because of the force coming from the falls and some soil included in it.

The water has a cool temperature which is good if you ever want to take a dip. And the calm breeze that comes along with the mist is a good combination with it too.

Add more thrill to your trip by going to Tagbaobo Falls.

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