Samal Island Tourism Map

All set to go on your Samal adventure? Use this custom-designed Samal map to help you find where you want to go. It literally gives you a bird’s eye view of all the favorite beaches, resorts, inns, falls and all other tourist destinations in the humble islands of Samal and Talicud by giving you a complete list of all the possible areas to visit.

Aside from locating your possible vacation destination, the map also features a short description of the places so you can easily identify whether or not it is where you want to go. If you want to know more about a certain resort, you can easily click the link for a more detailed description of what to expect in the area which includes amenities, accommodation and even prices. You can even contact the site to assist you to book your stay in any resort of your liking.

Samal Guide’s map has helped so many tourists in finding the Samal adventure itinerary ideal for them in just one sitting.

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White Sand Beach
Swimming Pool
Title Category Address Description
56 Pacific Heights Resort White Sand Beach,Restaurant camudmud Samal Island Pacific Heights just lies in Baranggay Camudmud, just a few minutes from Babak Port.
55 Ilihan Beach Resort Camudmud Samal Island Ilihan Beach Resort is an ultimate secluded beach destination that is deemed as an idyllic spot to experience the wonderful gift of nature.
54 Vanishing Island White Sand Beach Camudmud Samal Island This beautiful island is situated in Barangay Tambo, Island Garden City of Samal.
53 Holiday Oceanview Samal Village Camudmud, Samal Island
52 Tagbaobo Falls Falls Tagbaobo, Samal Island
51 Club Asiano Beach Resort Camudmud, Babak, Samal Island Club Asiano is your perfect escape just within Samal Island. Club Asiano features contemporary Filipino-designed accommodations.
50 Llanos Beach Resort Talicud Island, Samal Llanos Beach Resort is a haven for those who love quiet place and said to be an ideal setting for family weekend gathering, honeymoon, getaway, and special meeting.
49 Agape 2 Beach Resort Kinawitnon Samal Island Agape 2 Beach Resort is deemed as one of the budding resorts in Samal which just opened recently last August 2014
48 Japanese Cave House Camudmud Samal Island For those who are enthusiasts of the Philippine history especially that of the Japanese era, visiting and exploring the Japanese Cave House would somehow take you to Samal’s past.
47 Mt. Puting Bato Pena Plata Samal Island Mt. Puting Bato is the highest point in Samal Island. It stands at 410 meters above sea level.
46 Sea Grass Beach Resort Swimming Pool San Miguel, Pena Plata, Samal Island Regarded as one of the hottest items in Samal Island is Sea Grass Beach Resort, a resort tucked in Baranggay San Miguel, Penaplata, Samal.
45 El Magic Beach Resort Caliclic Samal Island Then El Magic Beach Resort is your answered prayer. Aside from being positioned in close proximity to Babak Warf, the resort offers facilities that will definitely suit you well.
44 Caliclic El Paril Beach Resort Caliclic Samal Island o if you don’t have a private car with you and you are seeking for a place just close to the ferry port where you can relax and have fun minus the hassle of the long bumpy ride, El Paril Caliclic Beach Resort should be included in your options.
43 Isla Beach Resort Caliclic Samal Island For those who would simply want to enjoy the beach for an entire day at a strategic convenient location and at a very budget-friendly price, Isla Beach Resort should be on top of your list of choices.
42 Coco Caliclic Beach Resort Caliclic Samal Island
41 Korakai Baywalk Resort Swimming Pool Limao, Samal Island The resort is strategically created for guests who would like to rekindle the child in them while having fun with their own kids in the Palacio de Fantasia themed park
40 Sonrisa de V Palm Hill and Beach Resort White Sand Beach Limao Samal Island Sonrisa De V (also known as Palm Hill Beach Resort in the past) is a favorite destination for family outings not just because of its affordability but because of its accessibility and not being too crowded.
39 La Familia Beach Resort Limao Samal Island La Familia Beach Resort is a great place to relax with friends and good venue for family gatherings.
38 Moncado White House Pena Plata Samal Island In the early days, especially after World War II, Samal was known as the island of the Moncadista.
37 Sunset Beach Resort White Sand Beach,Restaurant Villarica Samal Island Sunset Beach Resort is an ideal vacation destination if you simply want to unwind and shy away from the busy life of the city.
36 Buenavista Island Resort White Sand Beach small ligid Samal Island But its way greater to give ourselves the best break in a once (or you can make it a yearly habit) in a lifetime treat – a private island getaway!
35 Precious Garden Beach Resort White Sand Beach,Restaurant Babak Samal Precious Garden is a relaxing resort nestled just 5 minutes from the Garden Hotel and Restaurant.
34 BlueJaz Beach Resort and WaterPark White Sand Beach,Swimming Pool,Restaurant Babak, Samal Island BLUEJAZ BEACH RESORT is also located in the beautiful Island Garden City of Samal. With just a minute or two minutes ride from the Beach Side resort in Davao city, you’ll get to have a thirst quenching treat from this glamorous resort! You heard it right! Glamorous it is and fascinating.
33 Dayang Beach Resort Resorts,White Sand Beach Talicud Island You will truly be drawn by Dayang Beach because of its seclusion and exclusivity that you will have more time to really connect with yourself and your loved ones
32 Monfort Bat Sanctuary Monfort Bat Sanctuary Samal island These has been acknowledged by the Guiness of Book Records to hold the largest colony of Rousetteus amplexicaudatus or commonly known as Geoffrey’s Rousette Fruit Bat.
31 Punta del Sol Beach Resort Pena Plata Punta del Sol Beach Resort, just like any other beach resorts in town is one great treat for those ones who have tight budget.
30 Fernandez Beach Resort White Sand Beach,Swimming Pool Pena plata Samal Come and visit Fernandez Beach Resort and experience nature’s bounty plus the alluring spots around the resort. The water is greenish blue, a total manifestation of its cleanliness and eco-friendly site.
29 Red Parrot Inn Red Parrot Inn, Kaputian, Samal. Red Parrot Inn is located in Kaputian, Samal. We have 12 rooms with aircon, TV, DVD, Hot and Cold Shower and a WIFI Zone.
28 Marex Villarica Beach Resort Babak Samal Marex Villarica Beach Resort is deemed as one of the most affordable resorts in Samal where you can spend a worthwhile vacation.
27 Leticia by the Sea Resort Talicud Island, Samal ake the luxury of plunging into one of the most sought beach resort in the Island, the Leticia by the Sea Beach Resort.
26 Island Garden Resort in Pangubatan White Sand Beach Pangubatan Samal island A peaceful getaway located at Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal.
25 Chemas By the Sea Beach Resort Swimming Pool,Restaurant Babak Samal Chemas is one great place to suffice you with the authentic beauty of nature. It was maintained just the way it is. One thing that makes Chemas a simple yet elegant resort is its landscape.
24 Hof Gorei Beach Resort Swimming Pool Hof Gorei Beach Samal Island For anyone who dreams of being as close to nature as possible, the paths are laid out in Hof Gorei Resort in the Island Garden of Samal.:
23 Mahan Beach Resort Babak Samal From the broad selection of beach resorts in Samal Island, Mahan Garden Resort should be included in your list. -
22 Bali Bali Beach Resort Swimming Pool,Restaurant Bali Bali Beach Resort Samal Bali Bali Beach Resort is one! Before we go further, let me just tell you what “BALI BALI” means, this is a Pangasinense (Pangasinan’s Dialect) word which means “BEAUTIFUL”.
21 Paradise Island Beach Resort White Sand Beach,Restaurant PAradise Island beach, Samal A paradise near the city site is out! PARADISE ISLAND PARK and BEACH RESORT is one place you can surely unwind.
20 Pearl Farm Beach Resort White Sand Beach,Swimming Pool,Restaurant Pearl Farm Beach Resort Samal But here’s the catch, there is this hidden historical resort in the Garden City of Samal named PEARL FARM BEACH RESORT.
19 Samal Island City Hall Pena plata samal island
18 Sta. Cruz Wharf Talicud Island
17 Kaputian Port Kaputian
16 Samal Ferry/Barge Terminal Babak Samal
15 Babak Port Babak Samal
14 Canibad Beach White Sand Beach Canibad beach Samal Canibad Beach Resort is less likely an undeveloped resort yet it has a very distinct quality that will surely soothe the needs of a weary traveler.
13 Samal Water Sports Dive Shop Babak Samal The leader in Island Hopping and Scuba Diving in Davao and Samal Island
12 Hagimit Falls Falls Pena plata Samal In about 2 km from Penaplata proper you’ll find one of Samal’s nature pride The Hagimit WaterFalls.
11 Kaputian Beach Park Resorts,White Sand Beach Kaputian Samal Kaputian Beach Park Resort is one of the great Resorts that Samal Island has. This resort is operated by the local government of Samal
10 Secdea Beach Resort White Sand Beach,Swimming Pool,Restaurant San Isidro, Babak samal island Secdea Beach Resort features a charming beach atmosphere, state-of-the-art accommodation and amenities and uniquely-designed architecture
09 Villa Amparo Beach Resort Camudmud, Samal Island Villa Amparo is a nice tourist site where you can enjoy a wide variety of water sports such as snorkeling, jet-ski and diving. Undeniably a great location for activities such as birthdays, outings, team-building, weddings and a whole lot more.
08 Maxima Aqua Fun Restaurant Pena plata Samal ISland Maxima AquaFun is an adventure paradise in Samal. Famous to locals and foreigners alike, its crystalline waters is surely one of the best in Davao
07 Camp Holiday Resort and Recreation Area Swimming Pool,Restaurant Kinawitnon, Babak District, Samal Located at Brgy. Kinawitnon, Babak District, Samal is a 3 star hotel and resort that offers state of the art amenities. Camp Holiday Resort has 34 comfortable guestrooms that are suitable for modern travellers.
06 Isla Reta Beach Resort White Sand Beach,Restaurant Talicud Island Like any other resorts around the island, Isla Reta Beach Resort takes pride with the natural corals that pops up anywhere beside its shores
04 Babu Santa Beach Resort Resorts,White Sand Beach Talicud Island One of Talicud Island’s beach resorts is the Babusanta Beach Resort. BABUSANTA comes from a native name “BABU” which means lady in muslim language and “SANTA” as in the giver Santa Claus.

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