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Club Asiano Beach Resort

Seeking for a private place of solitude with the clear beach waters as your background? Then Club Asiano is your perfect escape just within Samal Island. Club Asiano features contemporary Filipino-designed accommodations, and breathtaking ambience that is ideal for leisure ...

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Chemas By the Sea Beach Resort

Wanting to sit by and enjoy the heat of the sun in front of a whirling sea? Or maybe spend a weekend by the sea shore with your love one. Samal Island is one city that offers beach resorts and ...

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Bali Bali Beach Resort

In the Southern Part of Mindanao, Samal Island is one of the main attractions for beach addicts and nature trippers! It has been the home of tired and busy people in its neighboring cities and towns. You don’t only get ...

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Isla Reta Beach Resort

Talikud Island is another nearby island in Samal. Also packed with beautiful and peaceful serene beaches is a place to visit on hot summer days. Famous for its untouched sea kingdom is Isla Reta Beach Resort. A diver’s paradise it ...

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Camp Holiday Resort and Recreation Area

The mere mention of Samal, immediately brings to mind vacation and fun summer outings with family and friends. With its close proximity to the city, an hour travel to this place is all it takes to enjoy a relaxing summer. ...

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Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

Been in a pressure cooker lately? Too much stress, deadlines, wrinkles, bad day and frustrations? Why not find a paradise and unwind? A paradise near the city site is out! PARADISE ISLAND PARK and BEACH RESORT is one place you ...

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Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Want to rest, enjoy and refresh while digging up history? Let’s start it this way, ever heard of white-lipped oysters? These are oysters where pearls are developed. A cocoon for pearls it is. Pearls are actually molluscs’ response to an ...

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Hof Gorei Beach Resort

For anyone who dreams of being as close to nature as possible, the paths are laid out in Hof Gorei Resort in the Island Garden of Samal. This beach resort is accredited by the Philippines’ Department of Tourism. The resort’s ...

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Leticia by the Sea Beach Resort

Heat up your summer with a one of a kind beach resort located in the Island Garden of Samal. Take the luxury of plunging into one of the most sought beach resort in the Island, the Leticia by the Sea ...

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