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Chemas By the Sea Beach Resort

Wanting to sit by and enjoy the heat of the sun in front of a whirling sea? Or maybe spend a weekend by the sea shore with your love one.
Samal Island is one city that offers beach resorts and recreation area where everyone will have a real and unique bond with nature. To be one with the mother earth is to plunge into its realms so we can feel its natural soothing comfort. Samal Island is a place if you want your soul to be still.

Chemas by the Sea Beach Resort is the simplest place I’ve been through in SAMAL. Simplicity is beauty as many defies it. And Chemas is one great place to suffice you with the authentic beauty of nature. It was maintained just the way it is. One thing that makes Chemas a simple yet elegant resort is its landscape. It was filled with dead corals and some hard wood. The landscape made CHEMAS a resort by the sea it is. The theme was just right for the place or shall I say “KUDOS” for the founder of the resort. The name really described the area or the resort magnificently. It’s like pulling off the water from the sea and tsaaran! There is Chemas by the Sea Beach Resort.



> Chemas by the Sea is an environmental friendly resort. I say it is as it uses most of the local trees to beautify its surroundings. Many of the resort’s facilities are made up of bamboo.
> Their Gazebo is one native hut. It is where their dining services if finely offered. It is uniquely done and emphasizes the natural Mindanaon’s style. As you all know bamboos are just sprouting in every corner of Mindanao. As a way of patronizing our local resources the CHEMAS BY THE SEA BEACH RESORT used all available native materials found just with in the city to edify their theme and the name of the resort itself.
> Delicious foods are available at the restaurant. Name what you wanted and they’ll serve it fresh for you!
* Restrictions: Since food is available at the restaurant, the resort prohibits you to bring your own food. But of course, the foods that they offer are affordable, so you don’t have to worry.
> Aside from the crystal clear blue waters of the beach, you can also enjoy their infinity pool for a refreshing alternative if you don’t like to take dip in the beach.
> Cottages have a finely native touch too. It’s simple but a cosy place to stay in while inside the resort. The furniture’s inside the cottages are also made up of some native materials from the natural resources in the locality. The resort’s simplicity may not let you feel like prince and princesses since it maximized the local raw materials but somehow, they will make you feel like you’re a god or goddess of the earth.


  • Php 100.00 – day time entrance
  • Php 700.00 – day time hut
  • Php 150.00 – night time entrance
  • Php 1,500.00 – tent/cabasa (good for 4 people)
  • Php 3,500.00 – cottage for 2 people



  • Swimming Pool
  • Beach
  • Restaurant


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