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Ranging from cosy, posh room accommodations to the unconventional and modern-Filipino style of structural designs to the simple, classy, adventurous yet laid-back type of hotel rooms, Samal has it all in store for you. Encompassed with surreal white sand beaches, lush tropical greeneries and captivating view of the seascapes, availing an overnight stay in any of the showcased hotel rooms in Samal will guarantee you a worthwhile and memorable stay. So treat yourself now to any of Samal’s Resorts and experience a sweet escape that is like no other in Island Garden City of Samal.

Punta Elai Resort

Most people think that travelling is an experience that would have to cost enough money to make our pockets cry, but this resort located in the Island Garden City of Samal would prove that notion wrong. The Punta Elai Resort ...

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Lorelei Beach Resort

For those looking for modern comforts by the sea, Lorelei Beach Resort is the best place to be. The fairly new beach resort looks very much like a small mansion, complete with standard rooms and superior rooms, some of which ...

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Costa Marina Beach Resort

Are you in for a spontaneous white-sand beach escape near Davao City that is easy to access and affordable at the same time? Then, Costa Marina Beach Resort should be on top of your list of options. Costa Marina is ...

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Precious Garden Beach Resort

Precious Garden is a relaxing resort nestled just 5 minutes from the Garden Hotel and Restaurant. Throughout the low tide season, Precious Garden’s floating house offers a cool and cosy spot to commence and conclude your most-sought-after swim. During your ...

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Camp Holiday Resort and Recreation Area

The mere mention of Samal, immediately brings to mind vacation and fun summer outings with family and friends. With its close proximity to the city, an hour travel to this place is all it takes to enjoy a relaxing summer. ...

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Secdea Beach Resort

Secdea Beach Resort features a charming beach atmosphere, state-of-the-art accommodation and amenities and uniquely-designed architecture. Dotted in San Isidro, Babac, Secdea is famous for its Infinity Restaurant which offers a remarkable view of the resort’s infinity pool to its diners. ...

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BlueJaz Beach Resort and WaterPark

BLUEJAZ BEACH RESORT is also located in the beautiful Island Garden City of Samal. With just a minute or two minutes ride from the Beach Side resort in Davao city, you’ll get to have a thirst quenching treat from this ...

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Buenavista Island Resort

Perhaps almost anyone would dream of a vacation. It’s a great retreat to shy away ourselves from the screaming and scolding of our boss or our clients or perhaps our patients. But its way greater to give ourselves the best ...

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Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

Been in a pressure cooker lately? Too much stress, deadlines, wrinkles, bad day and frustrations? Why not find a paradise and unwind? A paradise near the city site is out! PARADISE ISLAND PARK and BEACH RESORT is one place you ...

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