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Llanos Beach Resort

Llanos Beach Resort is a haven for those who love quiet place and said to be an ideal setting for family weekend gathering, honeymoon, getaway, and special meeting. This beach resort is just a few meters away from Isla Reta Beach Resort and seaport.

Some features of Llanos include open and close cottages and the room has comfortable bed. As part of their recreational zone, it includes videoke machine, cave to look up, and white sand beach perfect to take a dip, surf, and dive into exciting waves.

This beach Resort is blessed with clear blue waters and white sand beach. Tables under the trees are perfect place to breather that nice sea air and feel the sea wind against your skin.

Every visitor feels comfortable and more secure while staying overnight at Llanos Beach resort and this could be the reasons why this beach resort is on the top list to visit in Talicud Island.

According to Domingo Llanos, this beach resort is meant for his family only, but many people also wanted to savor the glorious richness of his property. He had no choice but to get the business permit and start accepting limited guests so it will not overcrowd the place.

For me, Llanos Beach Resort is a perfect place for the weary soul.


  • Cottages
    • Open Cottages – Php 100.00/small
    • Open Cottages – Php 200.00/big
    • Closed Cottage – Php 400.00/with CR only 12 hours
    • Closed Cottage – Php 350.00/without CR
    • Closed Cottage – Php 600.00/good for 4
  • Entrance
    • Adult(Daytour) – Php 20.00
    • Kids(Daytour) – Php 10.00
    • Adult(Overnight) – Php 40.00
    • Kids(Overnight) – Php 20.00


  • Canteen
  • Open cottages
  • Close cottages


  1. Can i have your contact #?pls send it to my email..or msg me on fb..tnx

  2. can I ask for the contact numbers??just send it to my email..thanks

  3. hello.. can i have the contact #? send me on email plz… ty

  4. may i get a mobile number po? we are planning to stay from may 10-12. thank you! =)

  5. Hi can u update this beach resort? coz I’ve been there with my family., and was really disappointed to saw it personally. The beach was really dirty, feels like the beach was abandoned. no water in the bathroom/toilet. It was disgusting, you can’t close the door and the toilet was all too dirty. The supposed to be for rent accommodation was horrible at least, too dusty, and you cant close the door properly in the inside. I think you have to change the description above since it’s not really like that. We spent another pesos just to go to other place. Even yun papunta sa beach nato ay napakadelikado, hayss. so upset.
    contact number they provided is out of reach.
    I should have known. Waste of money to even have a glance at this place.

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