Maxima AquaFun

Maxima AquaFun is an adventure paradise in Samal. Famous to locals and foreigners alike, its crystalline waters is surely one of the best in Davao. Packed with different kind of water sports one will surely have an amazing and awes trucking adventure with their one of a kind facilities.

Get extremely hyped with all their water sports. I remember this very resort being features to some national television shows. This is indeed a must-try adventure!
Located at Penaplata, Igacos (a booming area of Samal due to its close parameter to the wharf).

Maxima Aqua Fun Resort is known for its exhilarating water sports. Its natural beautiful landscape mesmerizes all the guests as it appears like a floating resort on the sea. The overwhelming cliff of this resort makes its vast difference from other resorts within the locality. Actually just by its flawless white sand and mesmerizing waters are enough to do anybody in –Maxima AquaFun is a destination for ocean lovers. But beyond swimming and kayaking that is usually found in other resorts in Samal, there is one more exciting offering to explore in this place: it’s the uniquely constructed 40 meters giant slide (along the cliff) that cascades to the sea water. Whow! There will be an enormous thrill within you as you go along the slides wet and wild adrenaline rush! And as you plunge into the sea water you will surely go eye to eye with the enchanted coral kingdom that resides just beneath the waters!

And not only that. One can go trekking in their swinging hanging bridge or their canopy walk. This one will take you out of your senses as you go eye to eye with the waters beneath you. The Canopy Walk package will give you a chance to walk in a freaking high canopy and jump at the end of the trail to finally finish it.

This resort is indeed blessed with so much treasure that all their guests can freely dig. Gifted with a cave (since its located near San Jose wall), this gives the resort a thrilling diving spot. The resort provided a scuba diving package so their guests can fulfill their longing to be one with all the water creatures. And this package is for all the beginners and professional divers as well. This is something you guys shouldn’t miss.

This is an all in one resort. You can have an overnight stay here at the resort,  relax and enjoy the sunset. You may pitch in your tents as they also have allotted area for campers.
Cookout facilities dot the resort so bringing fresh products won’t be an issue to them.

There are no enough stores available to meet your palate need, so when you plan to have an adventure here better bring all the stuff you needed to fill in your hungry tummy after an all in adventure around the resort’s vicinity.

The Maxima AquaFun is currently one of Samal’s finest yet it offers fairly cheap rates for all their guests. Entrance fee to this resort is only P200. This entrance fee will let you experience a number of their facilities such as the giant slides, grilling facilities and some others.


The place is also a great place for corporate outing, parties or seminars. They even have a beach house which can accommodate 8 persons inclusive of free meals and free use of facilities. This is one of the practical choice to those who wants to have fun but with a tight budget.

Rates  :

Entrance Fee

  • Package 1 (Can use all facilities except Canopy walk) – Php 200
  • Package 2 (with canopy Walk) – Php 250
  • Children Rate (2 – 10 years old) – Php 150
  • Camping Overnight – Php 350 per head
  • Tent(Good for 3)- Php 350
  • Aquafun cottage(Maximum of 4) – Php 1,800
  • Bigote dormitory – Php 500 per head
  • Jetski – P3500 per hour
  • Jetski with banana boat (max of 6 pax) – P4,000 per hour
  • Banana boat ride (max of 6 pax) – P250.00 per 15 mins.
  • Kayak boat (max of 2 pax) – P300 per hour

Day Tour Package Option

Package A————————————————————P200

  • Free use of lifevest
  • Free use of tables and chairs
  • Unlimited use of Giant Slide
  • Unlimited use of Trampoline
  • 15 minutes marine orientation including
  • use of mask and snorkel

Package B————————————————————P250

  • Free use of lifevest
  • Free use of tables and chairs
  • Unlimited use of Giant Slide
  • Unlimited use of Trampoline
  • 15 minutes marine orientation including
  • use of mask and snorkel
  • Eagle view canopy walk with rapelling



  • Canopy Walk
  • Tarpulin Slide
  • Free use of lifevest
  • Free Tables and Chairs
  • Clean Comfort Room
  • Dormitory Rooms


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