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Mayumi Disney Sea and Beach Resort

Mickey Mouse is, to me, a symbol of independence. He was a means to an end. Walt Disney

An end to stress and sacrifices is a vacation treat in the Island Garden City of Samal. Mayumi Disney Sea and Beach Resort is a Disney replica beach resort located in the Island Garden City of Samal. Dotted with fine talc like white sand and crystal clear blue waters, guests will surely feel the wondrous gift of nature found within the surface of the sea.

Enticing to kids and adults is the resorts structure. Uniquely and naturally shaped like the Disney Land famous icon Mickey Mouse makes the resort famous both with the locals and the visitors from the other side of the Island.

The land area and resort is not as big as other well known beach resorts in the Island. Presently, the resort has only 6 cottages. It is not highly suitable for huge number of people but what’s inside the resort is wide enough to ensure a huge amount of leisure for their guests. With its numbered room vacancy, the resort will surely never go over crowded. So for those ones who are much enticed to take the vacation solemnly, the Mayumi Disney Sea and Beach Resort is just the right rendezvous for you and your colleagues as well. Take advantage of the resorts serenity now while they are still having few rooms because sooner or later the resort will be fully developed to accommodate great number of guests.

The scarcity of the land area is somehow compensated by the resorts rich culinary tapestry that will surely fill your soaring tummies. Packed with delectable and mouth watering dishes, guests will just enjoy the palate treat.

A treat for your hungry stomach and a soothing place to stay in is one good treat for you and your loved ones. This will surely be one good investment for a healthy and well bonded relationship with your significant other.

The resort is now up to further development of the area for their guests welfare.

Rates  :

Entrance Fee

  • Adult/Kids – Day Tour – Php 20.00
  • Adult/Kids – Overnight – Php 50.00


  • Family House (Good for 8 person) – P3,500
  • Bahay Kubo – P300.00/ 12 hours only
  • Ibaraki, Tokyo – P150.00 in morning and P200.00 evening
  • Chiba, Nagano, Nagoya, Fukushima – P100.00 morning and P150.00 evening
  • Mickey Family House (Good for 2 person) – P2,500.00( aircon, TV, Ref, Bath room and CR)
  • Seven Dwarfs House (Good for 12 person)- P1,800.00/ 12hours only (double decks and twin bed size)
  • Mt. Nikko og Mt. Tsukuba(Good for 2 max of 5) – P1600.00 Aircon

Function Hall

  • with Sound System (Maximum of 50 person) – P3,000.00
  • without Sound System(Maximum of 50 person) – P2,500.00
  • Good for 4 hours
  • Registration Tables
  • P200.00 per Electrical Equipment
  • P150.00 per excess hour
  • Others 🙁 Php100.00/hour)
  • Sing Along with Videoke
  • Enjoy with Different Video games
  • And Unwind with Bangka rental


  • Function Hall
  • Sing Along with Videoke
  • Banka Rental
  • Slide
  • Disney Characters
  • Canteen
  • Restaurant


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  1. Alex Villamayor

    Hello. I am planning to have an overnight stay on March 8 – 10, how much wilL be the cost of 12 adult guests and 1 child?

    Thank you.

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