Samal Tour Package

Punta del Sol Beach Resort

Want water adventures, natural skin tanning and delicious foods in a cheaper price? Here’s how you can have it.

From Davao City, you may go and take a ride from the bus terminal at Magsaysay Park to Samal Island. When you’re in Samal’s Central warehouse, you may ride in a motorcycle going to Punta del Sol Beach Resort and see for yourself what treats they can give you at a minimum cost.

Punta del Sol Beach Resort, just like any other beach resorts in town is one great treat for those ones who have tight budget. This resort may be a little cheaper than any other resort, but what’s in store for you inside is not cheap. You’ll be surprised that at a minimum cost you may be able to enjoy the enticing water sports, fresh sea foods and abundant beauty of nature in this resort. The resort is really clean. The resort management sees to it that the beach and the shore line are always clean. That is why Punta del Sol is an ideal place for snorkelling and scuba diving. The shallow corals are breath-taking. You’ll really enjoy its beauty and it’s incomparable too!

The resort has its own restaurant that will fill your tummy with incredibly different kind of foods. Name it and they’ll surely cook it for you. If you are craving for “kinilaw, panga and tuna belly”, this place is just so right for you. You’ll be surprised on how they recreate foods as well. This is a good place to celebrate birthdays and some special occasions too as they are serving delicious foods at a very reasonable cost.

The beach resort also offers an Island hopping package tours. And they are also open for seminars, wedding and conventions at a very reasonable price.
Beach vacation is no longer a luxury since Punta del Sol is open to meet up your utmost needs in recreation! Worry no more! Come take a plunge of Nature’s best at Punta del Sol Beach Resort.





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  1. wish to know more about amenities , rates/ family vacation packages and newsletters during summertime specially holidays too . Thank you for your kind consideration in grating my request , have a great summer .

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