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Samalan Camp and Sea

Are you longing for a vacation adventure that is far from the conventional experience offered by commercialized resorts? Then Samal Camp Park will truly ignite your interest in visiting the place. Nestled in a beautiful cove in Baranggay San Remigio of Kaputian District in the southern most portion of Samal Island, Samalan Camp & Sea which is formerly known and named as Samal Camp Park, takes pride of its 300 metre white-sand beach rich in colourful stones and corals and most of all well-safeguarded marine life and pristine crystal-clear azure waters.

So even if you’re not a camper by heart, you can truly enjoy the entire vicinity of the place by bringing your own camping gears. Nonetheless, if you would like to experience the same camping adventure minus all the hassles of bringing your own tents and other camping paraphernalia, you need not to worry since Samalan offers the most comprehensive, most comforting and most natural accommodation and facilities for all of its guests. All the designated places for accommodation were built from natural, light yet durable local materials that were intricately designed to go well with the outstanding beauty of nature.

Guests may pick from quite a number of camping-inspired accommodations like the Nipa Village, Backpacker Community Circle, Family Gazebos and the Coral Cottages for those who would like to get the feel of the comfort of their own homes. You also need not to worry about the functionality of its comfort rooms and shower rooms since the entire area are well-maintained and you’ll never encounter some problems with the water supply and pressure.

Upon settling down with your chosen type of accommodation, feel free to indulge on Samalan’s surreal beach setting – be captivated by the calming sound of the waves as it meets the heavenly coastline. Allow yourself to be enticed by Samalan’s clear blue waters; to take a refreshing swim and discover the splendour of is underwater realm, or perhaps to simply just laze around the extensive shore, savour the fresh sea breeze of air, lie on the sand and have your most-wanted sun-kissed skin.


Without a doubt, Samalan Camp and Sea is an idyllic getaway that will allow you to break free from the fast-paced life of the city- Extra-ordinarily beautiful, immaculate and stress-free.


Via Sasa Warf

It is highly recommended that you bring your own car or perhaps you may rent a vehicle to take you to Samalan Camp & Sea since the location is quite far from the main port of Samal which is at Babak Warf. From Sasa, Davao City you may take the barge from the Sasa Port that will take you to Babak Port. Travel time is around 15 minutes only. From Babak, turn right then just follow the road to Kaputian Poblacion. Upon reaching the poblacion of Kaputian, you may ask directions from the locals to lead you to Baranggay San Remigio. From San Remigio there are already a lot of signposts that will lead you to Samalan. Travel time from Babak Port to Samalan via private vehicle is around 1 hour. Just be mindful of the signs so you won’t get lost since the roads are quite confusing and unpaved yet.

Via Sta. Ana Warf

Just beside the well-known Magsaysay Park, you may take the barge from Sta. Ana Wharf to Kaputian Wharf at Php 50 per person. From Kaputian Port you may hire a single motorocycle or “habal-habal” to take you all the way to Samalan Camp & Sea at Php 60- 100 per person, depending on how you haggle with the driver. Travel time from Sta. Ana Wharf to Kaputian is around 90 minutes while the “habal-habal” ride to Samalan will take another 20 mintues.

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Mobile Number: +63 925 311 1011
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  2. Shiela Mae Cinco

    can we set-up our own tent?
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