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Sea Grass Beach Resort

Regarded as one of the hottest items in Samal Island is Sea Grass Beach Resort, a resort tucked in Baranggay San Miguel, Penaplata, Samal. Just around an hour trip from the warf of Babak. Sea Grass Beach resort features an open ground that is just right for group and company team-building affairs. The place is also advantageously situated in an isolated region of Samal Island thus, became more striking for those crowds who would simply want to relax and have a good time.
The resort also boasts of its facilities and great accommodation offers that you are bound to really have fun during your stay such as a swimming pool, cottages, tents and air-conditioned rooms that can cater 6 persons and other leisure activities for you to choose from such as a boating, playing billiards, boating and many more.

How to get there:

  • Head directly to Sasa Port and ride the barge going to Babak. From Babak you can ride a single motorcycle and just inform the driver to take you to Seagrass Beach Resort. Travel time takes around 25-30 minutes.
  • Ride a bus that hails to Peñaplata at Sta. Ana Warf and just notify the conductor or driver to drop you at the entrance of Seagrass Beach Resort.
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Entrance Fee

  • Adult (Day Tour)- Php 150
  • Adult (Overnight)- Php 200
  • Kids (3-10) (Day Tour)- Php 100
  • Kids (3-10) (Ovenight)- Php 150

Room Rates:

  • Duplex rooms (2 pax, Air-conditioned , Free Breakfast) – Php 2,480
  • Duplex rooms with Open Kubo (2 pax, Air-conditioned , Free Breakfast) – Php 2,950
  • Extra person – Php 500


  • Small Kubo (Day Tour) – Php 500
  • Small Kubo (Overnight) – Php 750
  • Medium Kubo (Day Tour) – Php 750
  • Medium Kubo (Overnight)- Php 1,000
  • Large Kubo (Day Tour) – Php 950
  • Large Kubo (Ovenight) – Php 1,200
  • Floating Kubo – Php 800
  • Function Hall – Php 3,000

Ten Rentals:

  • Small – Php 400
  • Medium – Php 600
  • Large – Php 900
  • Canopy with Tables and chairs – Php 600

Corkage :

  • Softdrinks/Beer – Php 250 per case / Php 50 per bottle
  • Lechon – Php 300




  • Play Ground
  • Billiards Tables
  • Open Cottages
  • Swimming Pool
  • Beach
  • 24 hours Security


  1. contact number please

  2. Hello,

    please email me your contact number. thanks.

  3. Can ask for your telephone number? Thank you.

  4. Hi! your mobile number is unattended. I want to know more about your resort.. please reply. thanks

  5. Can i ask your contact number?

  6. Were here now and it sucks.. They dont serve food in the evening so we need to go out to the town proper just to eat. Our room ? Well good… But the lock was defective , so we cant lock it from the outside… Service is very poor!!! Nobody is attending to our needs. We cant go out to eat and leave our room unlocked!!!

  7. Makadisappoint! Okay lang yung dagat but when you stomp on the ocean floor parang putik lulubog ka hindi sya sand..

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