Samal Tour Package

Caliclic El Paril Beach Resort

During the holiday break and summer season, people would flock in Samal Island to spend their most-sought-after vacation. So if you don’t have a private car with you and you are seeking for a place just close to the ferry port where you can relax and have fun minus the hassle of the long bumpy ride, El Paril Caliclic Beach Resort should be included in your options.


Take the barge from Sasa Warf and upon reaching Babak Wark, just turn right and follow the road to Baranggay Caliclic. Caliclic Beach Resort lies just next to Isla Beach Resort right after Baranggay Kinawitnon. If you don’t have a private ride, just take the single motorcycle and inform the driver to take you to Caliclic Beach Resort.



  • Cottages
    • Open Cottages(daytour) – Php 75.00/small
    • Open Cottages(night) – Php 100.00/small
    • Closed Cottage – Php 400.00
  • Entrance
    • Adult(Daytour) – Php 20.00
    • Kids(Daytour) – Php 15.00
    • Adult(Overnight) – Php 25.00
    • Kids(Overnight) – Php 20.00
  • Electric Charges
    • Rice Cooker – Php 30.00
    • Radio/cassette – Php 30.00
    • Components w/TV – Php 80.00
    • Karaoke – Php 80.00
    • Cellphone – Php 10.00
  • Corkages
    • Softdrinks Per case – Php 50.00
    • per bottle – Php 10.00
    • liquor – Php 15.00
  • Tent
    • Small and Big – Php 30.00


  • White sa beach
  • Canteen
  • Open cottages
  • Volleyball Court


  1. Hi! I just wanna inquire if you’ll cater wedding receptions? We have our own caterer, if your beach can be a venue for wedding reception, will you do the arrangement? and how much it may cost?

  2. princess joy e. dionela

    goodmorning, I would like to ask if you have available cottages this april 3.

  3. good afternoon. I would like to ask if you are open date April 6 and 7. and I would like to ask if you have telephone number or cellphone number? so that we can inquire to you easily.. I can contact your telephone number but no one answer. is this is right? 222 4000?

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