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Rocky Beach Resort

Are you browsing through the pages of a travel magazine lately to see water to ease your soul from a really troubling scenario? There is a resort named Rocky Beach Resort in Samal Island that isn’t so much of a 5 star resort, but its ambiance is worth taking and worth trying.

Accessible by motorcycle ride on a unpaved and quite rocky road, and a beautiful scenery of the “by the sea plants” or mangroves, some stones and a little bit rough terrain, all these is a sight to behold.

“Rocky Beach Resort” was once a rocky rendezvous; well, that was a then part of the story. It will surely rock your world when you’re inside the resort. It provides great treats for you and your family as well. As described by many, “ROCKY” has its coral terrain back then. One will surely enjoy the picturesque surrounding as it was maintained by the staff and crew just the way the nature wants it to.

This resort is a budget friendly. At PHP900/night guests can now enjoy a bungalow or a Nipa hut for only PHP500/night. Each room comes with a bathroom, toilet and bed. The room is large enough to soothe you in comfort. The rooms are not as classy as those of a 5 star hotel, but it will give you an atmosphere of a real Filipino living. You may also choose a cottage where you may enjoy your breakfast and lunch.

Plunging into the sea water to fill your adventure spirit during the daytime is much enjoyable in this side of the city. You may get a very good and natural tan under the sun while enjoying the white sand. Friends may also bring in volleyball to experience a one-of-a-kind beach volleyball just beside the sea shore. Or It might as well create your own beach adventure to kill time and go bonding with friends.

Rocky Beach Resort is a good choice for family getaway or “barkada” outing. Rocky beach resort is indeed a place to go for getaways, at night “rocky beach resort” will bring party people into the groove while they play their disco music. Family and friends may can party all night just so if they want it to. Or for those ones who need serenity, well, don’t worry there is the place in store for you inside this resort.

Bring in your family and don’t worry so much about the budget. Surely, your family member or friends will have a great time here, and for you who will shoulder the bills, IT’S LIGHT! =)
How to reach Rocky Beach: From Davao Airport or Sasa wharf, you can go to Magsaysay Park in Davao City and take the ISLAND GARDEN CITY EXPRESS Bus. Take the route DAVAO-BABAK-PENAPLATA. The bus will take the barge and will dock at the Babak Wharf Terminal and will continue to travel to Penaplata. Bus fare is only P40.00. You can go down at the SIMC Gas station in Brgy Maag just before the Warehouse. Then take the motorcycle for hire going to Rocky Beach at Php 20.00 per passenger or contact Rocky Beach: 09182668977 or 09053899766


  • Nipa Hut – Php 500
  • Bungallow – Php 900



  • Beach
  • Nipa Hut


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