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Samal Activities

More than just its scenic beaches and picturesque seascapes, there is definitely more to conquer and see in Samal Island. Here is the list of activities which you might want to try and explore in Samal.

Island Hopping

Book an exciting island-hopping tour in Samal Island and visit several renowned tourist spots in the island such as Talicud Island, Wishing Island, Diaz Island, Malipano Island, Vanishing Island and the small and big atolls of Liguid Island and feel secured with our skilled and knowledgeable island-hopping crew. Experience the wonderful sea breeze of Samal, enjoy snorkelling at Coral Garden and see vibrant hues of corals and sea creatures moving right before your sight as you swim.

Upon your way in the boat, you’ll be offered with fruits and coffee for breakfast, snacks will then be served afterwards. By 12 noon, freshly-prepared grilled food will be served with two choices of viand, partnered with either potatoes or rice with the side dish of vegetables freshly bought from the market.

Day Tour at Monfort Bat Cave

Witness first-hand the Monfort Bat Cave Sanctuary a 500-meter cave which has been handed over by the Monfort Family of Davao City for more than 80 years. The Monfort Bat Cave is a sanctuary to the biggest known population of fruit bats of Geoffroy’s Rousette which has recently held the record of Guinness World Records as of 2010 with more than 2 million bats hanging serenely in the safe-guarded sanctuary.

Day tours are conducted daily in the sinkhole cave at affordable entrance fees of 100PHP/ADULT WHILE 80PHP children/seniors.

Hiking at Puting Bato

Since it can be accessed quite easily, hiking in Puting Bato is feasible for a lot of adventure seekers and even for first-time hikers. The summit of the Mount Puting Bato can be reached thru two trail options, the Guilon Trail and Tayapoc Trail. Guilon can be finished at around 2 hours from the start off point towards the top, while the easier Tayapok Trail can be reached roughly at 30 minutes in open path and lush highlands.

Conquering the pinnacle of Mt. Puting Bato is without a doubt worth all the effort and the time since you’ll be welcomed with the awe-inspiring sights of landscapes which encompass the entire island such as that of the cityscapes of Davao City, the mountain scopes of Davao Oriental and the greeneries of ComVal and the stunning peak of Mt. Apo.

Explore the Hagimit and Tagbaobo Waterfalls

If you are after for more adventure and wouldn’t mind getting lost in a beautiful island of Samal then exploring Hagimit and Tagbaobo Falls might interest you.

Hagimit Falls can be reached without difficulty thru private vehicles, single motorcycles for hire or even thru biking. Hagimit is around 2 kilometres from Penaplata and it showcases low-cascades of falls in a wide region. Basins created from the higher cascades in turn form natural pools for swimming. The entire location of Hagimit is filled by well-sheltered canopies of trees. Camping sites are also accessible for those who would like a more exciting kind of accommodation set-up.

Tagbaobo Falls on the other hand is more undeveloped and higher compared to that of Hagimit. Tagbaobo Falls is also not that deep thus is conducive for swimming too. The person in-charge in community within the area created rails and benches made from bamboos so visitors and tourists can just sit-back and plunge their feet in the cool waters and relax. From sitting still you can listen to the beautiful chirping of the birds and calming sound of the waterfalls.

Maxima Slide

Definitely considered as one of the promising resorts to experience in Samal because of its long, heart-stopping, 47-metre tarpaulin slide is Maxima. Maxima Aqua Fun is situated in Barangay Cawag, Samal District.Entrance fee is at Php 200 with the unlimited free use of its diving board, trampoline and its famous slide for the whole day.

Remember, you should never leave Maxima without trying its renowned slide that can take your breath away. The slide will take you to an elating ride that you will never forget so don’t forget to delight in your few-seconds adventure and savour the splash into the 120-feet deep blue waters.

Resort Hopping

Another option you can explore aside from island hopping is resort-hopping. You may hire a motorboat to take you to different resorts within Samal Island such as Costa Marina, Paradise Island, Chemas, Pearl Farm, Punta del Sol, Blue Jaz and Talicud Island. Since you hired the boat for the entire day you can choose where to make a stopover and take your most-sought after dip just make sure that you pay the corresponding entrance fees of the resort of your pick.


Island Garden City of Samal is highly-regarded as one of the finest scuba diving spots in Mindanao so if you want to try diving for once in your life, Samal island is one of the cheapest destinations where you can opt to experience it. Talicud Island, in the south-west portion of Samal is considered as one of the exceptionally-beautiful diving spots, featuring a great deal of corals, jam-packed with diverse species of marine life. So if you would like to take a more in-depth look on what the underwater sanctuary of Samal has to offer, then it is best that you try diving now.

Moreover, you don’t even have to fly somewhere else far to get your Scuba Diving License since even short-courses are also offered in Samal anad is by far competitive enough with the well-advertised and pricey diving schools in the other regions of the country.

Visit Japanese Cave

If you’re a fan of local history then visiting the Japanese Cave would somehow take you a glimpse of the Japanese era in Samal. Upon entering the cave you’ll be taken to historical cave where Japanese soldiers were hiding secretly during the World War 2. Several antique objects that were left behind by the soldiers were showcased in a not so creative way. Disks, letters, handwritten markers and a whole lot more were left scattered or hanging on the walls of the cavern.

It’s a good thin though that at least, a portion of Samal’s local history is still preserved despite lacking artistry and maintenance.

Water Sports (Banana Boat Ride, Jetskie)

Are you game for extreme kinds of water-sports activities? With so many resorts in Samal Island offering various kinds of water-sports facilities, you won’t find it hard to find the perfect sports activity that will fit your fancies and liking.
Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can share the adventure and fun offered by the resorts. From wakeboarding, banana boat rides, jet-skiing, ski bobing, kayaking, snorkelling and rappelling, Samal has it all.


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