Samalan Camp and Sea

Samalan Camp and Sea (3)

Are you longing for a vacation adventure that is far from the conventional experience offered by commercialized resorts? Then Samal Camp Park will truly ignite your interest in visiting the place. Nestled in a beautiful cove in Baranggay San Remigio ...

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Pacific Heights Resort


Longing to be awakened by the fresh breeze of sea air in a newly developed beach resort? Then now is the best time for your uncover the beauty that Pacific Heights Resort has to offer. Pacific Heights just lies in ...

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Island Garden Resort Pangubatan

Island PAngubatan

Another hidden resort gem dotted in Samal Island of Kaputian District is Island Garden Resort Pangubatan Samal. Island Garden Resort is around 24 kilometres from Sasa Wharf, I lies just next to San Remegio where Samalan Camp and Sea is ...

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Ilihan Beach Resort

Picture 242

Ilihan Beach Resort is an ultimate secluded beach destination that is deemed as an idyllic spot to experience the wonderful gift of nature. Ilihan is endowed with an immaculate coastline, lush aquatic wildlife and a stunning view of the seascape. ...

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Club Asiano Beach Resort

Featured Club Asiano (1 of 1)

Seeking for a private place of solitude with the clear beach waters as your background? Then Club Asiano is your perfect escape just within Samal Island. Club Asiano features contemporary Filipino-designed accommodations, and breathtaking ambience that is ideal for leisure ...

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Agape 2 Beach Resort

Featured Agape 2

Agape 2 Beach Resort is deemed as one of the budding resorts in Samal which just opened recently last August 2014. Agape is surely one of the resorts you’ll look forward experiencing in Samal owing to its laid-back beach ambience ...

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Isla Beach Resort

Featured isla beach

For those who would simply want to enjoy the beach for an entire day at a strategic convenient location and at a very budget-friendly price, Isla Beach Resort should be on top of your list of choices. Believe it or ...

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Caliclic El Paril Beach Resort

calilic Featured

During the holiday break and summer season, people would flock in Samal Island to spend their most-sought-after vacation. So if you don’t have a private car with you and you are seeking for a place just close to the ferry ...

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