The Island Garden City of Samal is undoubtedly one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Mindanao owing to the unique mix of fun, relaxation and convenience that the island offers. To match the beauty of its beaches surrounding the coastline, the island has become a home to various resorts that cater to different kinds of tourist demographics offering various kinds of adventure.

Aside from the authentic local island experience associated with all the simple and rural lifestyle common in many small islands in the Philippines, Samal has some of the best accommodations to offer to make the best of the beauty of its white sand beach and rich and diverse underwater ecosystem. And since there are so many resorts, there are also a lot of options to choose from depending on your needs, budget and adventure preferences.

Thus, to help you in building your Samal getaway plans, check out this resort list and start your quest in finding the best vacation escapade.

Club Samal Resort

Just a few minutes away from Davao City you will find a beautiful and unique boutique resort that takes into another world, taking all your troubles away. Club Samal Resort is a place that is secluded from the populated and ...

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Beach House la Concha

Looking for a private place in Samal Island for your team building or family vacation?  Beach House la Concha is a must-visit place. For only Php 10,000 you can own the resort for whole day. They can only accommodate max of ...

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Isla Betita Garden Resort

Isla Betita Garden Resort was originally a private sanctuary of the Betita Family. With their enthusiasm to improve on and preserve the environment and ambiance of the place, they gradually developed their haven. Today the resort opens its doors to ...

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Punta Elai Resort

Most people think that travelling is an experience that would have to cost enough money to make our pockets cry, but this resort located in the Island Garden City of Samal would prove that notion wrong. The Punta Elai Resort ...

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Lorelei Beach Resort

For those looking for modern comforts by the sea, Lorelei Beach Resort is the best place to be. The fairly new beach resort looks very much like a small mansion, complete with standard rooms and superior rooms, some of which ...

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Club Asiano Beach Resort

Seeking for a private place of solitude with the clear beach waters as your background? Then Club Asiano is your perfect escape just within Samal Island. Club Asiano features contemporary Filipino-designed accommodations, and breathtaking ambience that is ideal for leisure ...

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Island Garden Resort Pangubatan

Another hidden resort gem dotted in Samal Island of Kaputian District is Island Garden Resort Pangubatan Samal. Island Garden Resort is around 24 kilometres from Sasa Wharf, I lies just next to San Remegio where Samalan Camp and Sea is ...

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Ilihan Beach Resort

Ilihan Beach Resort is an ultimate secluded beach destination that is deemed as an idyllic spot to experience the wonderful gift of nature. Ilihan is endowed with an immaculate coastline, lush aquatic wildlife and a stunning view of the seascape. ...

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Agape 2 Beach Resort

Agape 2 Beach Resort is deemed as one of the budding resorts in Samal which just opened recently last August 2014. Agape is surely one of the resorts you’ll look forward experiencing in Samal owing to its laid-back beach ambience ...

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